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About Us

Bakery Crafts® is a manufacturer of high-quality cake decorations, supplying retail bakeries, in-store supermarket bakeries, bakery distributors, cake and candy shops, and ice cream shops. Bakery Crafts was recently acquired and is now part of DecoPac, Inc. As a combined organization, we bring more than 150 years of bakery and cake decorating heritage. This move provides additional scale and product lines. Further, it allows greater creativity, marketing, design and development to enhance product offerings and capabilities for our customers and consumers. Together we bring you the newest and the best premium quality products that lead the industry; unique products with market-tested customer appeal. We also offer distinctive, innovative products that are specifically designed to boost your bakery’s sales and profitability.

Bakery Crafts was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1947 by Natalie and Jack Guttman. The cake decoration business grew quickly and ownership began transitioning to their three children Sam, Dan, and Debbie in the early 1980s. Licensing became an important segment of Bakery Crafts with the addition of such properties as Pokémon, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Transformers, Sesame Street and My Little Pony.

Today, the combined DecoPac and Bakery Crafts business has the largest line of professional cake decorating products in the industry. We offer the widest selection of everyday, seasonal and licensed products as well as a full range of bakery equipment and tools.

About DecoPac, Inc.

DecoPac began as part of McGlynn Bakeries, which started in 1919 as a single retail bakery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was formed internally to supply cake decorations to its own stores, as well as other bakeries. Since 1987, DecoPac has maintained relationships and licensing agreements that provide the company rights to market cake decorating products featuring popular characters from Disney®, MARVEL, Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon™, Mattel®, DreamWorks®, Peanuts® and other licensors, such as all major sports leagues. DecoPac, which employs 200 in the U.S., also owns Culpitt and Sugarfayre in the U.K. and operates three manufacturing and distribution facilities in North East England. Culpitt, Ltd. and Sugarfayre are the largest cake decoration suppliers in the U.K. DecoPac continues to expand its category leadership position as it focuses on delivering bakeries and consumers the hottest products and technologies.
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